25 3 / 2012


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Charlie/Derek :|

"How did this even happen?"

"Shut up, Amos."

Derek tugged at his jeans, letting them pool around his ankles as he shoved Charlie against the wall.

"Why am I even—"

"I said shut up.”

Charlie smirked, hand tugging at Derek’s hair as the other boy ripped at his shirt.

"You know. You won’t be able to pretend I’m a girl when I’m inside you."

"What makes you think you’re the one—”

Derek broke off with a low moan, eyes fluttering shut as Charlie’s hand wrapped around his cock.

"Uh uh. I’m in charge tonight.”

01 7 / 2011

RHYMING smut, guys. What is going on with us today?

And Chylan SANG mine?!