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I just really like daddy!Jogan okay.

Also Gina told me to title it like a Friends episode so.

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I’m not even sorry.

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Chy. Chy. Chy. Hey, Chy. This is Julian in sweatpants. In sweatpants, okay? That fills one of your prompts, right? Right?

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ohgod bb; no why

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fuzzgoesboom said: Justin/Charlie/Julian AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN. oh god dani i actually think you broke my brain with that. :)


"We brought your pet back."

Logan gaped at the sight in front of him. Julian—his Julian—hung over the shoulders of Justin Bancroft and Charlie Amos. Tiny bruises littered his neck and chest, and the blissed-out expression on his face was one Logan was all too familiar with. He grinned up at Logan, head still lolling sideways against Charlie’s neck.

"Hey, Logan," he croaked huskily, tongue darting out to lick at his swollen lips.

"You look angry, Wright," Justin cocked his head to the side, arm still wrapped firmly around Julian’s waist, "I assure you, we didn’t hurt him."

"He seemed to enjoy himself, actually," Charlie added with a grin. He pushed Julian forward, letting the smaller boy stumble through the doorway alone. Logan caught him with practiced ease, arms slipping around his waist protectively.

"Let this be a warning to you, Wright," Justin said darkly, "If you—or any of your men—step foot on Hanover or Windsor territory again…"

"Get out," Logan finally spat, fiery gaze still trained on Julian, "Now.

The two smirked, nodding curtly as they took off down the hall. Surprising, really. They had expected a bit more threatening on Logan’s end.

But the Stuart simply gathered Julian in his arms, setting him down on the bed and perching beside him.

"This was a terrible mistake on your part, kitten," he brushed a lock of hair from Julian’s eyes, "You realize, of course, that this means war."

Julian hummed and leaned into Logan’s touch. “Sounds like fun.”

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The residents of Stuart had long since decided that being attracted to Julian Larson didn’t mean a thing. After all, he was a celebrity. It was perfectly normal to be attracted to famous people, regardless of gender or sexuality. 

This mindset made moments like these far more bearable.

Julian was currently perched on top of a table, slowly peeling his shirt off as he swayed his hips. Music blared throughout the room, but nobody could quite remember what the song was. Not when Julian Larson was writhing in front of them, dressed in nothing but sinfully tight jeans.

Thad looked absolutely stunned, jaw hanging open as he stared at their resident celeb. (He later denied being the cause of the drool stains on the carpet.)

Bailey was doing his very best to look anywhere but at Julian. (And failing miserably.)

Derek had long since decided that he was perfectly allowed to look at Julian in this manner, thankyouverymuch. He was just supervising. Making sure Julian didn’t completely strip. (The sudden tightness of his jeans meant nothing.)

Logan was hidden in the corner, ignored by the rest of the room. His eyes raked hungrily over Julian’s figure, lingering over the tight curve of his ass. Julian twirled around, hips swaying as he laughed loudly. (He didn’t even mind the others’ staring, really. Because once the party was over, he’d be the one getting a private show.)

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janemcbadassrandall replied to your post


Hope wasn’t really Julian’s usual type.

Oh, she was pretty, that was for sure. But she was also inhumanely polite, unbelievably sweet. Not the typical snarky asshole that Julian usually went for.

But she blushed prettily when he pulled out her chair. She murmured her thanks with a soft smile when he payed for her dinner. And at the end of the night, she blinked up at him through wide, doe-like eyes, shuffling slightly on the doorstep until he pressed his lips softly to hers.

"Will you call me?" She asked softly, pink lips curved just slightly.

Julian nodded, fingers brushing over her palm. “Yes. I will.”

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A pre-quel to the the series, this can be read independently from the rest of the HG!Jogan series, for which there is a link on my sidebar. Enjoy!


Damn him.

Julian scowled, setting down the silver bow and arrow set that he had been training with. It had been designed especially by his…


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I have obviously lost my mind.

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This totally deviated from the prompt but Julian wears Logan’s shirt. Several times. So that’s something right?

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!AU

Will make sense even if you haven’t seen the movie (though you should because it’s amazing).

Also posted on FF.net

There’s also a playlist if anyone wants it.

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For Margaret and Jessica. <3

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I shouldn’t be allowed to write when I’m emotional.

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Well…this um…deviated a bit, from your prompt…but here? *sheepish smile*

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