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fuzzgoesboom said: Justin/Charlie/Julian AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN. oh god dani i actually think you broke my brain with that. :)


"We brought your pet back."

Logan gaped at the sight in front of him. Julian—his Julian—hung over the shoulders of Justin Bancroft and Charlie Amos. Tiny bruises littered his neck and chest, and the blissed-out expression on his face was one Logan was all too familiar with. He grinned up at Logan, head still lolling sideways against Charlie’s neck.

"Hey, Logan," he croaked huskily, tongue darting out to lick at his swollen lips.

"You look angry, Wright," Justin cocked his head to the side, arm still wrapped firmly around Julian’s waist, "I assure you, we didn’t hurt him."

"He seemed to enjoy himself, actually," Charlie added with a grin. He pushed Julian forward, letting the smaller boy stumble through the doorway alone. Logan caught him with practiced ease, arms slipping around his waist protectively.

"Let this be a warning to you, Wright," Justin said darkly, "If you—or any of your men—step foot on Hanover or Windsor territory again…"

"Get out," Logan finally spat, fiery gaze still trained on Julian, "Now.

The two smirked, nodding curtly as they took off down the hall. Surprising, really. They had expected a bit more threatening on Logan’s end.

But the Stuart simply gathered Julian in his arms, setting him down on the bed and perching beside him.

"This was a terrible mistake on your part, kitten," he brushed a lock of hair from Julian’s eyes, "You realize, of course, that this means war."

Julian hummed and leaned into Logan’s touch. “Sounds like fun.”

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confringo- said: Pavarotti/Sonic :D

"They didn’t see you, did they?"

"Of course not," Pavarotti chirped haughtily, "They’re far too busy. I haven’t seen them leave the bed since they got together."

Sonic rolled his eyes, “I know. Daddy hasn’t payed any attention to me in weeks.

"That’s okay," Pavarotti hopped down, stretching his wings as he shifted closer to the hedgehog, "It just gives us more time to play.”

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ms-loki-san said: YOU SHOULD WRITE ME JAMERON. Beccause it is my birthday. Yep.

"Happy birthday!"

Julian looked up from his script, raising an eyebrow at Cameron as the man barged into his trailer.

"…you made me a cake?"

"Of course I did," Cameron grinned, flopping down on the couch beside Julian, "It’s not every day you turn eighteen, you know."

Julian hummed, a small smile gracing his lips as he leaned against Cameron’s shoulder. “I suppose you’re right.”

"I’m always right. Eighteen, though. You know what that means."

"Do I?"

"It means,” Cameron murmured, long fingers curling across Julian’s jawbone. He tilted the younger man’s chin, leaning down until their lips brushed just faintly. “That I can finally do this.”

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wonderwomanofcolor said: Dani, darling, wonderful Dani, are you still filling crackship prompts? If so, can I request Charlie/Audrey? It just came to me and I find it intriguing and yes. Ship Charlie with ALL the Brightmans! :) Please and thank you.

It wasn’t easy for Charlie to get to this point.

He figured the twins would approve immediately. They seemed to like him, after all. But when they found out he was dating Audrey, everything changed. They regarded him warily, watching every movement he made around their sister. Even after the effort he put in—it took months for him to feel comfortable signing—they still didn’t seem to like the idea of Charlie and Audrey.

Until the day they saw them in the garden together.

Audrey was laughing brightly, practically glowing as Charlie eagerly signed about flower meanings. When he procured a large bouquet from behind his back, kneeling dramatically as he presented it to the girl, she flushed scarlet. He pressed a chaste kiss to her lips, smiling down at her as she took the flowers.

Nobody was good enough for Audrey.

But Charlie, the twins decided, came pretty close.

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Anonymous said: bottom!Sebastian/middle!Dwight/top!Derek (Dwebrek?)

"I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with this…"

"Sh," Sebastian pressed a finger against Dwight’s lips, eyes twinkling as he rolled his hips upward, "We don’t have to tell anyone. Besides, Derek will be gentle. Won’t you, dear?"

"Can we just get on with it, already?" Derek rolled his eyes, hands kneading at Dwight’s hips as he shifted behind him.

"Patience, babe," Sebastian grinned, "We want to make sure our guest is comfortable, don’t we?"

He leaned forward, pressing a lingering kiss to Dwight’s lips.

"Don’t worry, Windsor. We’ll make sure you enjoy this."

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Logan Wright is whipped.

It’s nauseating, really, how eager he is to please Julian. It shows in how he brings him coffee without fail every morning, sweetened perfectly to Julian’s taste. Or how he insists on carrying Julian’s books for him, even when the actor protests. Or the way he brushes Julian’s hair back when he falls asleep studying, gently picking him up and tucking him into bed before finishing his own homework.

But then, of course, there’s also the way Julian shares his dinner with Logan without even thinking. The way he pulls every string in the book to fly them out to New York for Logan’s birthday and have dinner at Logan’s favorite restaurant. They way he’ll do just about anything to make Logan smile.

So yes, Logan is whipped. But it’s okay. Because so is Julian.

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the-hypocritical-critic said: DWIGHT/MERRIL

"You don’t have to do this, you know."

Merril smiled, perching on the edge of the bed with a bowl of hot soup. “I wanted to. Now open.”

Dwight’s lips parted compliantly, eyes flickering to Merril’s face as she spooned soup into his mouth.

"Besides," she said kindly, "Someone needs to keep you from running around trying to hunt."

"It’s necessary! For the good of the world!"

"Not when you have a fever. Open."

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mercurial-wit said: I HOPE YOUR DREAMS ARE THE SHIT. Also in the morning his is your Reform!Artemis/Sebastian reminder. (:

"I thought we weren’t doing this anymore?"

"Shut up," Artemis yanked at Sebastian’s shirt. A flurry of buttons tore from the fabric, ricocheting in every direction as the boy was shoved against the wall once more.

"Aw, did one of your evil plots fall through again?"

"I said shut up.”

"Not that I’m complaining, but you do get horny when angry." Sebastian smirked, tilting his head as Artemis trailed biting kisses across his skin.

"Stop talking."

"Make me—oh fuck.”

"What was that?"

"Fuck you," Sebastian growled, gripping Artemis by the shoulders as he tugged him closer, "Enough talking. More fucking."

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Anonymous said: More Charlie/Tweedles, please. :)

"What are you…how did you two even get in here?”

Charlie kicked the door of his dorm room closed, locking it securely behind him.

"Scaled a wall."

"Quite easy, really."

"You can’t just—this isn’t Dalton, you guys! You can’t just barge in here whenever you feel like it!"

Evan stood, lips pursed in a mock-pout. “But we missed you.”

"So much."

"Don’t you miss us?"

"Of course I do, but you can’t just—oh.”

"What was that?" Ethan smirked, hands fiddling with the hem of Charlie’s shirt as his twin pressed soft kisses to the boy’s neck.

"Didn’t quite catch it."

"I…fuck it. Just this once."

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the-hypocritical-critic said: SYDNEY/HOPE

What happens at Dobry sleepovers stays at Dobry sleepovers.

That was the only thing going through Hope’s mind, at the moment. Sydney smirked at her, slender fingers weaving through Hope’s hair as they drew closer.

Hope giggled nervously, cheeks tinging pink.

"Cute," Sydney murmured. She threw her legs over Hope’s lap, tugging at long strands of hair until the other girl turned to face her.

Her lips were soft. More delicate than the boys she had kissed, but with an underlying dominant urgency that seemed to lurk in everything Sydney did. She let her eyes flutter shut, hands blindly sliding up Sydney’s arm as the girl licked at her lips.

A flurry of giggles.

"Time’s up!"

Sydney pulled away with a grin, letting her fingers linger against Hope’s skin. She turned, gaze darting on another girl in the circle.

"So. Truth or dare?"

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Anonymous said: Justin/Charlie/Julian? :3

"So—oh—this is what happens—fuck, right there—at prefect meetings?”

Justin grinned, “Sometimes. I must say, you’re way more fun then Logan.”

"We should thank him," Charlie added, "He usually sends Derek as a replacement when he’s too busy."

Julian quirked an eyebrow, “You’re not telling me that the two of you have—holy…fuck, that feels good.

Justin and Charlie grinned and pressed closer to the boy between them. Julian moaned brokenly, falling back against Charlie’s chest as Justin pressed wet kisses down his chest. His eyes fluttered shut, hands blindly grasping at muscled bodies. He tugged Justin closer, pressing their lips together hard as his hand slid down Charlie’s body.

"Yeah…" Charlie gasped, "Definitely more fun than Logan.”

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Anonymous said: Julian/Dwight

Dwight was kind of cute. In an endearing, odd sort of way. Maybe it was the alcohol talking. Maybe Julian had just become that desperate for human contact. It didn’t really matter either way, though. Not now.

Dwight had looked wary when Julian first approached him. That had changed quickly, after a few minutes of biting kisses and wandering hands.

Now, he looked desperate. Small keening noises tore from his throat as Julian moved against him. He clutched at the other boy, fingers digging into Julian’s skin as he flipped him over.

His lips curved into a grin. “My turn.”

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the-hypocritical-critic said: Sydney/Justin/Charlie threesome.

"You want me to what?”

Sydney sighed, holding back yet another eye roll. “I don’t know how many different ways I can explain this, Chaz.”

"I’m sorry, but this…you want me to what?”

"Look. Justin and I have been talking about spicing things up for a while. I’m not particularly interested in watching another girl touch him, but I feel like you could be interesting for both of us.”

"Right," Charlie nodded shakily, "So you want me to…"

"Oh for the love of…" Sydney grimaced, stepping past Charlie as he remained stubbornly uncompliant, "Look. I’ve already cleared this with Justin. So if you’re interested, meet us in his room tonight. And don’t be late."

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The residents of Stuart had long since decided that being attracted to Julian Larson didn’t mean a thing. After all, he was a celebrity. It was perfectly normal to be attracted to famous people, regardless of gender or sexuality. 

This mindset made moments like these far more bearable.

Julian was currently perched on top of a table, slowly peeling his shirt off as he swayed his hips. Music blared throughout the room, but nobody could quite remember what the song was. Not when Julian Larson was writhing in front of them, dressed in nothing but sinfully tight jeans.

Thad looked absolutely stunned, jaw hanging open as he stared at their resident celeb. (He later denied being the cause of the drool stains on the carpet.)

Bailey was doing his very best to look anywhere but at Julian. (And failing miserably.)

Derek had long since decided that he was perfectly allowed to look at Julian in this manner, thankyouverymuch. He was just supervising. Making sure Julian didn’t completely strip. (The sudden tightness of his jeans meant nothing.)

Logan was hidden in the corner, ignored by the rest of the room. His eyes raked hungrily over Julian’s figure, lingering over the tight curve of his ass. Julian twirled around, hips swaying as he laughed loudly. (He didn’t even mind the others’ staring, really. Because once the party was over, he’d be the one getting a private show.)

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Anonymous said: (whispers) Okiedokie night night sweet dreams tomorrow could you write something about the Stuart's love affair with coffee (starting Jogan and Sebrek)? :) LOVE YA.

"It’s mine, I said!”

Derek growled, snatching the coffee cup from Sebastian’s hands.

"I had it first!"

"I need it!”

"What’s going on?" Logan and Julian wandered into the kitchen, hands linked loosely together.

"Sebastian stole my coffee!"

Derek’s the one who stole it!”

Julian rolled his eyes, “Just get a new cup, D. Seriously.”

"I can’t. We’re out."

Both Logan and Julian froze.


"…no more coffee?"

There was a momentary tense silence. Julian and Logan shared a look.

Derek’s eyes widened, “No, wait—”

They pounced.