19 6 / 2011

Jogan (with Derek)

I may possibly elaborate on some of the situations in this fic in the future…

Derek always thought that once Julian and Logan finally got together—after Julian manned the fuck up and Logan pulled his oversized head out of his ass—his life would finally calm down. Neither of them would come whining to him anymore; he wouldn’t have to deal with his friends’ emotional baggage ever again.

But then they did get together, and Derek realized he had much bigger problems to worry about.

He was the only one that had to deal with it, too. In public, Julian and Logan barely acted like a couple. They didn’t hold hands, didn’t kiss. (Unless Logan caught someone staring at Julian with less-than-innocent eyes, in which case he’d wrap his arms tightly around his boyfriend’s waist and glare daggers at the person until they ran off in terror.) They acted quite normally, in fact, other than the occasional secret smiles passed between them. The Dalton students wouldn’t have even realized they were together, if it hadn’t been for the Brightman twins, who ran across campus upon hearing the news turning cartwheels and gleefully telling all they passed that “Knave and Cheshire are in love!”

Their private life, however, was quite the different story. 

The day they got together, Derek managed to catch them in the middle of a heated make-out, Logan’s hand disappearing deep into Julian’s jeans. Derek had frozen in shock in the doorway, mouth gaping open. Julian broke away from Logan’s mouth, turning to gasp out a quick, “Hey, Derek,” as Logan sucked on his neck. The athlete immediately shook his head, choking out a rough, “Congratulations,” before rapidly leaving the room.

The first time Julian jet off for a film shoot, Logan sulked for weeks. When he returned, Derek was in Logan’s room, listening to him complain from his position sprawled out on the bed. Julian had marched through the door, slightly tanner and slightly thinner, and immediately dove for the bed, crashing his lips onto Logan’s in a harsh, demanding kiss. Logan had flipped them over, immediately covering Julian’s body with his own, and Derek has simply rolled his eyes before making a hasty exit.

Then there was the first time Logan said “I love you”. They had all been in Derek’s room, laughing about something ridiculous Derek’s latest girlfriend had done, when Logan had turned to face Julian, an odd expression on his face. He turned his head to the side, simply watching his boyfriend laugh. A small smile spread across his face, and those three words escaped from his lips. Julian froze mid-laugh. The coffee mug he had been holding slipped from his hands, hitting the carpet with a dull thud. Julian practically pounced at Logan, legs wrapping tightly around his waist as he kissed Logan fiercely, pulling back just long enough to return the sentiment with a happy grin. Derek had tried to protest—they were in his room, after all—but Logan had flipped him off with one hand while the other snuck into Julian’s back pocket.

Or the reaction Logan had every time he spotted Julian sucking on a lollipop. Or the way Julian’s breath would hitch when Logan was singing, and looked straight into Julian’s eyes as he growled out the lyrics. Or the way Logan’s eyes would run appreciatively over Julian’s body every time he leaned over. Or the way Julian would lean up to nibble at Logan’s earlobe as he whispered into his ear.

Basically, their ridiculously high libidos were slowly driving Derek insane.

Not that Derek didn’t appreciate a healthy sex drive. But when it was his two best friends, it was a different story. He could barely hang out with them anymore without having to watch them grind together on the couch, or heatedly make out against a wall. For a while, he just went with it, hoping they’d calm down eventually. But after seven months, they were still just as passionate as they were on day one. Finally, Derek decided enough was enough. He’d confront them, tell them to tone it down around him, so that he could have a relatively normal relationship with his best friends. 

That’s exactly what Derek had planned to do, until he burst into Julian’s room to find the pair cuddled together on his bed, both still fully clothed. Julian was burrowed into Logan’s chest, face hidden in his shirt. Logan’s arms were wrapped tightly around his boyfriend, his own face buried in Julian’s hair. Derek watched them for a moment, before silently turning around and closing the door behind him.

Maybe he’d just talk to them tomorrow.

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