28 5 / 2011

I still fail at writing smut but I promised Gina.

It was past midnight, and the Dalton library was deserted, save for a single student still studying diligently. Julian Larson rubbed tiredly at his eyes, holding back a yawn as he highlighted a line of notes.

"Why hello, Cheshire."

Julian jumped as a blonde head popped up on his left, quickly followed by an identical face on the right.

"It’s rather late, you know."

"You really should get some rest."

"Wouldn’t want to tire out that pretty head of yours."

"What are you two clowns doing here?" Julian snapped.

"We thought you looked a little stressed —"

"—and figured we could help you—"

Both heads leaned closer to whisper into Julian’s ear.


"Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m really not interested," Julian said, leaning forward and away from the twins.

"You say that—"

"—but do you really mean it?”

Julian rolled his yes, but made no response.

Both twins grinned.

"That’s what we thought," they said in unison, before leaning forward to press two pairs of lips to Julian’s neck.

"Guys, I said—oh.”

Julian threw his head back involuntarily, eyes fluttering shut as Ethan—or was it Evan?—sucked hotly on his neck. Evan—or was it Ethan?—moved forward, pressing his lips to Julian’s as his hand traveled down the actors’ chest.

"I…I can’t…"

"Don’t worry, Cat."

"We’ll keep your little secret."

Julian just groaned, giving in to the twins as they wrapped around him. Two mouths danced across his skin - one nipping at his earlobe while the other licked at his sensitive collarbone. Two pairs of hands trailed down his body, unbuttoning his shirt and sweeping over his chest. Julian gasped as Evan trailed his mouth down, licking down to his nipple. Ethan trailed a line of kisses across Julian’s neck, grinning when the actor let out a low moan.

"Interesting," Ethan murmured, "Ev, here…"

Evan moved upwards to suck at a spot just below Julian’s jaw, chuckling at the reaction.

"Very interesting," he agreed, before wrapping his arms around Julian’s waist and pulling him out of his chair. Julian stood shakily, slumping back into Evan’s chest as Ethan pressed into him from the front, leaning down to kiss him once more. Four hands drifted down, quickly working at the waistband of Julian’s slacks. Julian moaned, head tipping back to rest on Evan’s shoulder, shuddering as Ethan’s mouth traveled down his chest.

"It’s ok, Cheshire—"

"—we can help you."

Evan wrapped a hand around Julian’s chest, pushing his chin upwards to meet his lips in a kiss. In front, Ethan knelt down, sucking at Julian’s hipbone as his long fingers worked to undo his pants, pushing them down just as much as necessary to get at the brunet’s hardening cock. The twins moved together, Evan pinching Julian’s nipple as his brother licked a line up his cock, stopping to swirl his tongue around the head. Julian gasped, overwhelmed at the dual sensations. Ethan’s mouth sunk further down just as Evan leaned over to nip at Julian’s throat, both boys seeming to know exactly what Julian’s body needed. Julian’s arms moved of their own accord, one reaching down to grasp at Ethan’s hair while the other wrapped around Evan’s neck, trying to pull him closer.

When Ethan pulled away, Julian whined almost desperately. But the twins merely switched places, Evan quickly kneeling to take Julian in his mouth while his brother pushed his tongue past Julian’s lips. Julian shuddered, hips bucking forward into Ethan’s mouth. Immediately, Evan reached down to grasp Julian’s hips firmly, holding him still.


He could feel Ethan chuckle as he took all of Julian’s cock into his mouth, one hand reaching up to cup his balls. His movements quickened, head bobbing faster as he sucked. Above him, Evan bit down, hard, on Julian’s neck, and Julian came with a scream. His back arched, shoulders pressing back into Evan’s chest as Ethan swallowed around his cock. A few moments later, he slumped backwards bonelessly, panting. Ethan quickly pulled up his pants, re-doing the belt and pressing a light kiss above the waistband. He then rose, grinning at his brother.

"Do you think we helped him relax?"

"I think we did."

Julian just stared wordlessly, breath still coming in shallow pants. 

"Thanks, Cheshire."

"That was fun."

"The Knave doesn’t know what he’s missing."

With that, the twins linked arms, pulling away from Julian with identical smiles as they strolled away calmly.

Julian immediately fell down into his chair, head tilted to gaze blankly at the ceiling.

…what the fuck?

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