22 5 / 2011

Poorly-written Jogan sex

Please don’t judge me.

Julian’s pinned to his bed, moaning breathily as Logan hovers above, pressing kisses to Julian’s collarbone. Nimble fingers work open Julian’s shirt, sliding over his skin as the fabric works over his shoulders and falls to the floor. Logan’s mouth travels down, licking and biting at Julian’s chest, stomach, hipbones…

A broken moan escapes from Julian’s lips.


Logan grins into Julian’s skin, hands slipping down to deftly unbutton his slacks. He slides them - and Julian’s underwear - down slowly, stopping only to suck lightly at Julian’s inner thigh. Julian’s hips buck involuntarily, and Logan pulls back.

"You’re so impatient, Jules," he teases, fingers circling his boyfriends’ nipples.

"Logan, please…”

"Not so fast," Logan leans forward to press a chaste kiss to Julian’s lips, pulling away when he feels Julian’s tongue touch his lips. He slides down to kneel over Julian’s thighs, hands running softly over the soft skin on his hips.

"No," Julian complains, pushing himself up on his elbows, "wait, come back here."

Logan pushes him down, smirking.

"I said hang on, Jules. I never get to just look at you. God, you’re gorgeous.”

"Lo, c’mon…"

Julian reaches up again, hands clambering at Logan’s shoulders.

Logan kisses him obligingly, pushing him back onto the pillows. Julian kisses back desperately, surging into the kiss. Logan’s hands are encircling Julian’s arms, pressing them back into the headboard and…

"Lo? What’re you doing?"

Logan smirks as he wraps his Dalton tie around Julian’s wrists, tying them securely to the headboard.

"You’re a terrible listener, Jules, you know that?”

He yanks on the tie, grinning as he tests his knot. His hands slide down, lips following as he presses kisses down Julian’s arms, stretched taut above his head. When Julian’s hips press up, searching for friction, Logan pulls back to kneel over his thighs again.

"I just want to look at you for a minute, Jules,” he murmurs, rubbing circles into the actors’ thighs, “you’re so beautiful…”

Julian whines in protest, but Logan ignores him, eyes scanning hungrily over his boyfriends’ lean body. He smirks at the line of hickeys dusting Julian’s collarbone, the fingerprint-shaped bruises he distinctly remembers pressing into his hipbones. His hands reach down to trace the muscles across Julian’s torso, sliding down to the contours of his hipbones. His knuckles brush feather-light over Julian’s cock, and the other boy groans.

"God, Lo, you’re killing me. I’m going to die. I hope you’re happy.”

Logan bends down in reply, close enough that Julian can actually feel his breath on his cock.

"We can’t have that now, can we?" he whispers, before opening his mouth and taking in as much of Julian as he can. He keeps a firm grip on his hips, pressing down as he feels Julian try to press further into his mouth.

Julian’s panting into his pillow now, eyelids fluttering as Logan hums around his cock, bobbing slowly up and down.

"Logan, please.”

Logan looks up at Julian through his eyelashes - face flushed, eyes dark and unfocused, arms still raised above his head.

"Beautiful," he murmurs, pulling almost all the way off before he slides his mouth back down, doubling his efforts. His cheeks hollow, one hand coming up to cup Julian’s balls, the other trailing down to palm at his own cock through his pants. Julian’s hips buck once, twice, three times, and then he’s coming down Logan’s throat with a breathy gasp. Logan swallows around him, pulling off only when Julian’s cock starts to soften in his mouth. He can see Julian straining against the tie, so he leans forward, kissing Julian deeply as his arms reach to undo the knots. The tie falls to the ground, and Julian immediately reaches down.

"Why’re you still wearing pants?”  Julian complains. But his hand dives into Logan’s slacks, not even bothering with the button. Logan moans as slender fingers encircle him, head falling down to Julian’s shoulder.

“‘m not gonna last long,” he says into Julian’s neck, gasping for breath.

He doesn’t. Julian’s hand is only on him for a minute when Logan’s body tenses, and he comes with a shudder, falling limply to the bed.

They simply lay there for a moment, both boys still working to catch their breath. Eventually, Logan reaches out, pulling Julian towards him. Julian moves to rest his head on Logan’s chest as Logan’s arms come around to encircle him.

"You really are gorgeous, you know," Logan says, stroking Julian’s dark hair.

"I know."

Logan pulls at his hair playfully, and Julian tilts his head to meet his boyfriends’ eyes.

"I love you," he whispers softly, brown eyes sparkling.

"I love you too," Logan replies, pressing a soft kiss onto Julian’s forehead.

Before long, Julian’s asleep, still curled into Logan. Logan keeps his arms tightly around his boyfriend, watching his chest rise and fall rhythmically.

"Gorgeous," he whispers, once more, before letting Julian’s soft breathing lull him to sleep.

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