05 4 / 2012


daltonismydrug replied to your post: Oh god so Megan’s talking about losing Tumblr followers

I would follow the shit out of Camryn if she made a blog

If Camryn made a blog:

  • lol guys look it’s a picture of my doggy isn’t she cute
  • *reblog picture of a kitten*
  • omg the new episode of austin and ally is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
  • *reblog picture of a kitten*
  • i want a cookie :(
  • *reblog picture of a kitten*
  • math is hard
  • *reblog picture of a kitten*
  1. mymnemosyne said: I don’t even know who Camryn is aside from your post and this one, but hell yes she has my follow (and my axe?)
  2. peeksytoews said: Well, I suppose the kittens would make Teresa happy. Really, everyone should have pictures of kittens on their blog. (I agree, math is hard.)
  3. the-hypocritical-critic said: ”+ Follow”
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