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Anonymous said: Umm... The Derek/Julian "Nervous" one? Um... When you get the chance, would you mind continuing that? It was.. um... Enjoyable.

"Hello, Logan," Julian grinned, long fingers wrapped firmly around Derek’s cock, "How are you?"

"What the fuck is going on?” Logan demanded, practically shaking with rage. 

"Jules—" Derek bit back a moan, hands weakly shoving at the actor.

Julian didn’t budge, “We’re just playing the nervous game, of course!”

Logan looked unamused. Julian grinned, stroking languidly as Derek trembled.

"Get the fuck away from him. Now."

"Can’t," Julian chirped, "He hasn’t said ‘nervous’ yet!"

In a flash, Logan had crossed the room, pressing a small silver handgun to Derek’s temple.

"Nervous yet?"

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