24 3 / 2012

I have obviously lost my mind.


Whatever Derek was resting against, it was comfortable. He shifted a bit, arm curling loosely around smooth skin.

Ah. So he had found someone to take home last night.

Derek smirked, nuzzling closer to the girl next to him. She was surprisingly muscular—a cheerleader, perhaps?—and her long legs tangled with Derek’s under the sheets.

His bed partner shifted, making a soft noise as Derek pressed his lips to the soft skin of her neck. Hm. She smelled good, too.

"Morning," Derek murmured, in his trademark sleepy-sexy voice that the Dobry girls fawned over. His eyes blinked open, lips curving into a seductive smile as he came face-to-face with…



Derek sprung away, tumbling off the side of the bed as his legs tangled in the sheets.

"Hm?" Julian sat up blearily, rubbing at his eyes, "D?"

"What the fuck are you doing in my bed?!”

"Think it’s my bed, actually," a third voice chimed in. On Julian’s other side, Logan sat up with a groan, holding a hand to his temple, "Fuck, I’m hungover."

Julian blinked up at Logan, mouth hanging slightly open.

What?” Logan snapped, still rubbing at his head.

"…your hand is on my ass."

Logan snatched his arm away, “I…your ass was on my hand!”

From his place on the floor, Derek snorted. “You guys totally had a drunken hook-up last night, didn’t you?”

"Excuse me, but you were the one spooning him this morning."

"I did not—"

"Did you give me this hickey?" Julian prodded at his skin, turning his head as if he’d be able to clearly see the bruise on his neck.


"What the fuck happened last night?” Logan demanded

Derek shrugged, kicking the sheets away from his legs. “I don’t remember a thing. I don’t even know where my pants went.”

"There was that party…" Julian propped up on his elbows, brow furrowed as he tried to remember, "Derek and I were doing shots…"

"…and then you started stripping," Logan chimed in, "and he cheered you on."

"Yeah. And then…I don’t remember."

"You tried to make out with me."

Julian froze, “…I did?”

"You did. Definitely," Logan nodded, "…I think."

"You think?"

"I don’t remember!"

"How can you not remember sticking your tongue down Julian Larson’s throat?"

"You’re the one who lost his pants!"

Derek sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair. “But we didn’t…I mean…none of us…we didn’t have sex, did we?”

Julian’s eyes widened, “I don’t…think so?” He sat up cautiously, “I don’t…know.”

"No way," Logan shook his head, "I…we didn’t, right?”

"Oh my god," Derek buried his face in his hands, "I totally had sex with you guys, didn’t I?"

"There’s no way we—dammit Julian where are your clothes?!”

"Huh?" Logan tugged the sheets away. Julian blinked, "Oh. I’m naked."


"Well you’re not wearing pants!"

"Well Logan’s only in boxers!"

Shut up!” Logan bellowed,  ”let’s just…nothing happened.”


"Nothing happened," he repeated calmly, "As soon as we leave this room, we never speak of this again."

"…yeah, okay."

"Sounds good."

The three turned away awkwardly.

"I should…"

"…find pants…"


They scurried out of bed, each hurriedly pulling on clothing.

"So we never speak of this again."



Logan cleared his throat, smoothing his shirt. “So we’re good, then?”

Derek nodded, brushing a bit of glitter from Julian’s hair, “Let’s just get out of here. Now.”

Logan opened the door, leading Julian and Derek into the hall.

"Good morning!"

Bailey Tipton grinned widely at them, eyes glinting as the trio paled simultaneously.

"There’s water and tylenol in the kitchen. For the hangovers."

"…thanks," Logan said cautiously, stepping around Bailey.

"No problem. I figured you guys would need it after last night."

"Yeah," Derek laughed nervously, "Crazy party."

"Mm hm."

"…so we’re just going to go to breakfast, then," Julian grabbed Derek’s elbow, pulling his down the hall, "Come on, Lo."

The three huddled close together, moving quickly to the staircase. They were nearly out of sight when Bailey’s chipper voice chimed up again.

"So does that mean you don’t want the video, then?"

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