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"So. You’re…British."

Justin snorted, rolling his eyes. “What tipped you off? The accent or the referring to—” he wrinkled his nose, “—french fries as chips? Which they are, by the way. Chips.”

"Pass the chips then, would you?”

Justin complied, pushing the basket across the table as he turned to look at Sydney. “So you’re Spencer’s sister.”

"Unfortunately," Sydney sipped at her soda, "and I’m sure he’s said all kinds of things about me."

"He made you sound pretty badass, actually," Justin grinned, "I’m sure it wasn’t his intention, but I’m impressed already.”

"Oh, really?" Sydney leaned forward, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, "What exactly—"

"Hey guys!" Spencer dumped a tray of food on the table, sliding between Sydney and Justin, "Look, more food!"

Justin cleared his throat, quickly turning away from the siblings. Sydney shot a glare at her brother, sliding out of her seat with a quick mutter of ‘restroom’.

Spencer raised an eyebrow, turning back to his friend, “What’s her problem?”


"So…a movie? Just me and you?"

Justin shrugged casually, “Well…Hope’s home for the weekend, Charlie has Windsors to deal with, and Spencer’s going to dinner with Merril. So why not?”

"Okay," Sydney nodded, slowly, "That could be fun."

"Brilliant," Justin pulled his keys from his jacket pocket, gesturing to his car, "That one you wanted to see is playing soon—the action one?"

Sydney grinned happily, “Good. I tried to get Spencer to go with my last week, but he said it looked boring.”

"Spencer said what now?"

The boy in question jogged up behind them, clapping Justin on the shoulder.

"Aren’t you and Merril supposed to be—"

"She’s studying," Spencer waved a hand in the air, "Her and Danny have some huge exam tomorrow and she needed the extra time. So what’re we doing tonight?"

Sydney groaned, sliding sullenly into Justin’s car as she glared at her brother.


"That was fun," Sydney smiled, lifting the hem of her dress as she spun around, "I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a dance before…”

Justin followed close behind, an equally bright grin on his face, “Surprising, hm? I’m sorry your date didn’t show, though.”

"Yeah, yours too. Weird that we were both stood up, though."

"Yeah. Weird." Justin cleared his throat, casting a quick glance at the girl by his side, "You look quite nice, by the way."

Sydney raised an eyebrow. “Nice? I had to put up with three hours of hair and make-up work from Hope. I think you can do better than nice.

"…very nice?"

Sydney raised a carefully manicured hand, and Justin flinched.

"Okay, okay!" He tilted his head, gaze slowly dragging across Sydney’s features, "You look…you look positively breathtaki—"


Sydney hissed under her breath—something that sounded vaguely like are you fucking kidding me—before turning to glare at her twin.

"Yes, Spencer?" Her words dripped with venomous disdain, but Spencer remained oblivious. He slung an arm around Justin’s shoulder.

"Great prom, right?" He grinned widely, "Hey, we’re all going out to eat. You’re coming, right?"

Justin cleared his throat, avoiding Sydney’s eyes.

"…yeah. Sounds great."


"You know," Sydney mused, tightening her ponytail, "For an ex-gang member, you’re shit at hand-to-hand combat."

Justin glared at her, “I don’t want to hurt you, is all.”

"Trust me, you won’t." Sydney grinned, moving back into her fighting stance, "Seriously, now. Come on."

Justin sighed, rolling his sleeves up and stepping forward. “If I do hurt you, though…”

"You won’t."

"But if I do…

"Justin. I don’t have all day, here."

"Fine," Justin moved into position, narrowing his eyes, "You’re going down, Willis."

"Whatever you say, Bancroft."

Justin leaped forward, tackling Sydney to the ground.

Or, that had been his intention.

Somehow he wound up flat on his back, arms pinned to the grass above his head. Sydney sat on top of his chest, smirking down at him.

"You were saying?"


"That’s what I thought," Sydney said triumphantly. She loosened her grip on Justin’s wrists just slightly, sliding down to his stomach, "Now, if you could—"

Justin flipped them over, using Sydney’s temporary distraction to tug his wrists from her hands and pin her to the lawn.

"If I could what, now?"

Sydney huffed at him, narrowing her eyes. “That’s cheating, Justin.”

"Oh really?" Justin leaned closer, breath ghosting over Sydney’s skin, "Because I think it proves that I’m just better.”

Sydney’s licked at her lips. Justin’s eyes darted down. He moved closer…

"Guys! Hey, Sydney! Justin!"

Justin rolled away at the sound of Spencer’s voice, pushing to his feet and holding a hand out to Sydney. She ignored him, jumping up without aid.

"Hey," Spencer continued cheerily, "I was just wondering if you—"

No,” Sydney spat, stalking forward to shove at Spencer’s chest, “We are not going to eat with you. We’re not going to the movies. We’re not going fucking anywhere with you, okay?”

Spencer gaped at her, brow furrowing in confusion, “What are you talking about?”

You! You and your cockblocking ways!”

"…my what?"

"All I want is to drag Justin home and have my way with him while he murmurs cheesy emotional crap in that hot accent of his, and you are getting in my way!”

Spencer’s jaw dropped. He blinked rapidly, staring in disbelief at his sister. Sydney spun around, grabbing a dumbstruck Justin by the forearm.

"Come on, Bancroft. We’re continuing this in a room I can actually lock.”

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