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"This is actually the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen."

Logan wrinkled his nose at the computer screen, still scrolling through pages upon pages of blog posts. Ever since their relationship had been made public, Julian’s fanbase had been exploding with overly-excited teenage girls heavily invested in the relationship. Julian had shrugged it off, used to the bizarre things that often circulated the internet. Logan, however, was a bit put out, especially when he discovered a website devoted to fanfiction. About Julian. And him.

"They’re writing about us having sex, Julian!”

"It happens."

"In explicit detail!”

"I warned you this would happen," Julian sighed, wrapping his arms around Logan from behind and resting against his shoulder, "I told you when I decided to come out, and you said you’d be fine with it."

"I didn’t expect this!" Logan clicked on another link, gesturing at the screen, "Look at this!"

Julian rolled his eyes, ignoring the computer in favor of pressing open-mouthed kisses to his boyfriend’s neck. “Leave it alone, Logan.”

"Jules—" Logan straightened suddenly, reaching back to grab his boyfriend’s arm, "Holy—Julian, look at this.

"Logan, I told you to leave it—"

"For the love of…just read, Jules!”

Julian sighed again, tilting the screen of Logan’s laptop as his eyes scanned the page. After a moment, he jolted in surprise, leaning forward to read closer.

"Holy shit…"

"This actually happened, Jules.”

"Even the dialogue is right…”

The two turned to each other in confusion, wondering how the hell one of their more adventurous sexcapades had wound up transcribed word-for-word on a fanfiction site.

"You don’t think…"

"He wouldn’t…"

At that moment, Derek strolled through the door, swinging his keys around a finger. Julian and Logan turned simultaneously, eyes narrowing at their friend. Derek stared back at them for a moment. His gaze slowly shifted to the screen behind them, eyes widening almost comically.

"Oh," he said nervously, "Um…well. About that…"

Logan’s chair clattered to the floor as he sprung out of his seat. Derek took off down the hall immediately, closely followed by a very angry prefect. 

Julian simply turned back to the computer, tilting his head as he scanned the page again. 

"…not half bad…"

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