12 12 / 2011

God I wrote this forever ago when I had all those Sebastian/Julian/Logan ideas.

I should write more of those. I quite enjoy them. XD


"Hey! Freshman!"

The brunet turned slowly, a smirk spreading across his face, “Do I look like a freshman?”

"You look like a complete and utter waste of my time,” Logan drawled, “So. Name?”

"Smythe. Sebastian Smythe. Transfer. Now, if you’ll excuse me…" Sebastian stepped to the side, headed for the staircase.

Logan raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. I’m your Prefect, got it? We don’t exactly tolerate—”

"Look, I’m sure you’re a very busy man,” Sebastian said, “Probably have tons of nervous freshmen to attend to. And in case you haven’t figured it out, I’m really not one for ‘respecting authority’. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have someone to see.”

"Who the hell could you be—"


Several of the new students yelped as Julian materialized at the top of the stairs. A few began whispering to each other, shocked at the presence of the Julian Larson.

"J!" Sebastian stepped forward, a strange gleam in his eye as Julian descended the staircase. "Haven’t see you in ages…”

"Hey—!" Logan reached out, grabbing Sebastian firmly by the elbow, "Look, new kid, you’re not going anywhere until I get you checked in and give you your room assignment, got it?"

Sebastian paid him no heed, eyes fixed on Julian. The actor looked far from pleased to see the boy, jerking his arm from Logan’s grasp in an attempt to pull him away.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He hissed.

"Transfered!" Sebastian crowed gleefully, "Figured you’d be thrilled to see me again.”

"You couldn’t have called?”

"And ruined the whole surprise?"


"Excuse me!" Both boys glanced up at Logan, "Look, I don’t know how the two of you know each other—"

"Oh, we go way back,” Sebastian smirked. Julian elbowed him sharply.

"—but I kind of need to get this—" he tapped his clipboard, "—to Murdoch in an hour. And I already don’t like you, so I suggest you actually cooperate, got it?”

Sebastian seemed utterly unaffected by Logan’s glower.

"Room assignments, right?" He grinned, "How about I make this easy for you. I’ll just share a bed with J."


"Come on, sexy," Sebastian rested a hand at the small of Julian’s back, leaning in to breathe into his ear, "It’s not like we wouldn’t end up like that soon enough anyway…”


Julian flushed, covering his face with a hand. Logan blinked.

"It’s true though, isn’t it?" Sebastian smirked, "You always seem to end up under me…"

Enough!” Julian grabbed Sebastian’s wrist, pulling him toward the staircase. “Logan, I’ll take care of him, okay?”

"I certainly hope so," Sebastian said brightly just before Julian dragged him out of sight.

Logan’s eyes narrowed, fingers unconsciously tightening their hold on the clipboard in his hands. 

"Who was that?" Derek appeared suddenly at Logan’s side, peering curiously up the stairs.

"I don’t know," Logan said coldly, "But I don’t like him."

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