05 11 / 2011

I had to.

Obviously based on that post CP made with random Stuart Trio facts. XD


Julian yawned widely, curling up a bit more in his boyfriend’s lap. Logan smiled down at him, running a hand through Julian’s dark hair.

"You should sleep, Jules," he said softly, setting his book down for a moment, "You look exhausted."

“‘m fine,” the actor protested, “Keep reading, our test is tomorrow.”

Logan rolled his eyes, “You haven’t been paying attention for at least ten minutes.”

"That’s not true! You just said…um…Juliet just died."

"That would be right. If I weren’t reading Hamlet.”


"Just sleep, Jules," Logan leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to Julian’s forehead, "I know you know this. You’ll do fine tomorrow."

The brunet smiled softly, tilting his head upward to meet Logan’s lips.

"I love you," he murmured. Logan grinned, opening his mouth to respond—

"Oh, Julian, I love you so much!" A falsetto voice ran out from behind the couch the two lounged on.

Oh, Logan, I love you too!” A dark green sock—adorned with two ebony buttons for eyes—darted up from behind Logan’s head, closely followed by a similarly-decorated white-with-brown-buttons sock.

"What the—"

Julian, you’re so sexy! Let us run off to Paris and get married under the Eiffel Tower and live happily ever after with a dozen beautiful gay rainbow babies!”

"Oh yes, Logan, let’s!"

The puppets mashed together, moving viciously against each other in a crude imitation of a kiss.

"Derek!" Julian pushed himself up, turning to glare over the back of the couch. Logan looked more than a bit put-out as his boyfriend pulled away.

A tousled brown head rose over the couch, and Derek grinned at his friends, “I’m sorry, was I interrupting a moment?”

Logan grumbled under his breath. Julian crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes at the athlete.

"Did you need something, Der, or are you just dead-set on making sure we never have time alone?"

"Payback!" Derek crowed gleefully, "I’m finally going to show you how annoying these things are. What’d you call them, Toe-lian and Foot-gan?”

"Toe-gan and Foot-ian," Logan muttered, reaching back to snatch the sockpuppets from Derek. The other boy ducked out of the way, grinning as Logan’s hand clenched around thin air.

"Oh, Foot-ian, don’t you just love our bestest friend Derek oh so much?"

"I do, Toe-gan! Maybe we should stop making out with each other all the time and actually hang out with him!"

Julian and Logan frowned.

"We don’t—"

"You’re not really—"

"Nah, I’m kidding," Derek stood, tugging the socks off his hands and shoving them in his pocket, "You guys are freaking adorable."

He smirked, “Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop annoying you, though. I have three years of irritation to make up for.”

Derek whistled as he stepped from the room, turning to flash another grin at his friends. Logan turned to Julian, a grave expression on his face.

"Those things were a terrible idea.”

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